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Need help with an order? Have a Question? Just reach out! We are happy to help, but to help us check out these frequently asked questions! They might have a quick answer!

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Why does my order say it is still in preshipment?

It became normal around Christmas of 2022 for orders to be processed a day or after they are dropped off especially on Friday and Saturday. We have found this year (2023) that USPS has been very unreliable with scanning packages. Sometimes the packages are not scanned but are still moving through the system and will suddenly show as out for delivery. Sometimes they get hung up because the first scan did not allow them to be sorted properly on their way out. This has resulted in packages spending up to a week in pre-shipment. If your package has been in pre-shipment for more than a week please reach out so we can assist with locating it.

I got the restock email, but it was out of stock. So when will you send the correct email?

Currently thanks to our amazing TikTok Community we have a few "viral" Items that are literally selling out in minutes! Emails can definitely be helpful, but these times sell out quicker than some emails are able to update.  You can see our restock schedules on social media for updates on dates/times so you don't miss it.

My address was incorrect. What do I do?

If your package has not yet shipped fill out the form below! We know autofill can mess this up sometimes and it is an easy fix! 

We also added this reminder to our email updates after you order! If your packages has already shipped and the address on the order was incorrect you will have to pay the reshipping fee for your items. You can read more about this under our policies here.


Fill out this form and we will get back to you!

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