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Amazon Glowforge, Crafter and Small Business Deals

*This post contains affiliate links! As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. And these purchases help me make content like this! I take the time to gather everything in one easy to find place so you don't have to spend hours searching!

Its prime time! And that means deals on some of the essentials for both glowforge users and serial crafters (I am both of those) These are deals, steals, and essentials for all kinds of crafty gals and nonbinary pals. Whether you are a laser owner like myself, a small business owner, or just an avid crafter (also describes myself).

*these are a small mix of items so welcome to my ADHD crafting mind.



Posca pens! Okay so I consider these a glowforge essential but they are perfect for all kinds of painting- This set is the best deal, but This is my favorite set. The fine tips are best for small lines (aka pride flag earrings) and it is the one thing I regret not investing in sooner, but I love them for lettering on canvases, doing bold line work, and so much more! Posca has such a good pigment super opaque and an easy go to!

60% off Paint brushes? Yes please!

I am THE WORST about cleaning my paint brushes so I just collect like a hundred of them and deep clean once a month. Cheap brushes that are still good quality are a must (I cannot stress how bad I am about cleaning my paint brushes) but this set has a great variety and quantity- enough to hold a paint and wine night for like 4 of your pals.

Paper Cutter

Ok so its not a "steal" but it was already a great price to begin with and with a 4.7 rating and over 6,000 reviews it was worth it without the sale! Paper cutters are just a necessity for any crafter or even just home office. And this paper cutter is both compact and highly rated. At just over $10 I would call that a good deal (even if its not a huger percentage off)


Ok I had to! I frequently watch Drawing Wiff Waffles while crafting and loved the little mushrooms. I had to go get them and realized...They are on sale!!!

So go get yourself some little shrooms and let your creativity spread like mushroom spores!

You can use the paintbrushes and have a little crafty night!

CRICUT DUPES? Yes please


Okay I don't actually recommend the easy press for small businesses, invest in a real heat press because transfers typically rely on pressure and heat which you cant get as easily with a press, BUT if you need the space savings, the cost savings, or are just crafting for funzies, here is a dupe! (over $100 off the retail price of name brand easy press)


I just bought one of these to put the patches I make on my bucket hats! Sometimes you

need something small and quick or portable, Here is the dupe for that! (it was on sale for $25 when I got it!) and another option also on a prime day deal! I like the handle on this one better (its also the one in the picture)


Does anyone else with dogs go through these like crazy? Mine lose their sticky so fast and I also am terrible about cleaning them because I only use my cricut for a hand full of things these days. I actually think these stay sticky better than the name brand ones and you can't beat ~$3.34 per mat (on sale for $9.99 currently which is cheaper than the cricut option even on sale and way cheaper than the normal price of $40 like what??)

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