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Office Mini Makeover Links


This page contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases when you click and purchase from these links. These purchases help me create content and review these products so you can get all the details before you buy! My reviews are below and will aways be short and sweet followed by a wish list so let me know what I should try next!


  1. The Pink iMac: Pure perfection! I have been wanting one for over 3 years and finally made the leap. I love that it connects to my ipad with airdrop to transfer my designs so quickly without loss in resolution. I also got it on sale for $1099!

  2. The keyboard: wireless so you will need a AA and AAA batteries for the keyboard and mouse (just one each). It is a softer click so still satisfying to type but not overly loud. I also included a padded rest for the keyboard and mouse. And I loved the color combos they had- I went with this one because it complements my business logo!

  3. Desk Pad- I actually bought this before my business was my business- just coincidence it matches my logo! Great size for my space. There are probably better quality ones out there, but because I knew I would be crafting and getting everything from UV resin to paint on it cheaper was the priority for me and it works well!

  4. Thermal printer- ugh... its a love hate relationship. It works and works well for a printer that often goes on sale for under 100. I got it on sale for $89. It can be frustrating to get the label sizing correct. I muddled along without a label holder and I will say that made a HUGE difference keeping things aligned better and lifting the labels above the cords. But it does print well and I use it for all kinds of packaging stickers to save money including the famous "packed by granny" sticker!

  5. Label holder- Okay so this is not actually my label holder. Mine apparently doesnt exist in pink anymore, but I wanted to give a pink option. If you don't care about the color and want to save a little mine exists in black and white here but maybe the pink will return!

  6. Mac Ports: ESSENTIAL! There are a lot of options but this was the best priced with the best reviews I could find and I used it from the moment I turned the computer on. My wireless keyboard is hooked to it on the front and my label printer is on the back- which is a feature I LOVE! its nice to hide all the cords from the thermal printer because they are a bit bulky!

WISH LIST- Things I have not added but definitely want!

Monitor Riser

So functional! And I always need the extra desk space to draw/paint/create etc!


Okay hear me out because I looked at an embarrassing

number of diffusers before picking this one but what if I put a cup design on it because its can shaped. I think it will blend in perfectly on my desk!

Phone Overhead Mount

I have been wanting one of these to record content and do lives while creating new designs, but I have yet to find one I like. If you have a favorite let me know!

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